About Principal Kaleta

John Kaleta is a former School Administrative District 27 educator who taught science classes at the high school for 25 years. He formerly served as principal of Fort Fairfield Middle/High School.

An Eagle Lake resident, John has been active in the local community. He is a former president of the Can-Am Crown International 250 as well as a musher who competed in the event. He also coached tennis, cross country skiing, and cross country running while teaching at CHS.

Kaleta, originally from Connecticut, is a 1985 graduate of the University of Maine at Fort Kent. He also has a master’s degree in education from the University of New England. He said that as an educator he would often involve students in helping out at the sled dog races and would like to see more community involvement from students during his tenure at CHS.

In his free time, Kaleta is an avid cyclist who even rides his bicycle from Eagle Lake to his new job in Fort Kent some days.

He has been married for over 30 years to his wife, Denise Lamore Kaleta, a registered nurse who works at Northern Maine Medical Center. John Kaleta enjoys Nordic skiing and working on flower beds. The couple have two grown children, both of whom graduated from CHS, and several dogs.

About Dean Doucette

Leadership Philosophy by Steve Doucette

A school leader's virtues must include courage to make decisions, being impartial, showing empathy, making sound judgment, displaying enthusiasm, accepting humility, and exercising imagination.

A school leader must provide a learning environment that is comfortable, safe, and attractive. The learning experience should be celebrated by students, staff, parents, and community. The school leader must insure that every student in the school reaches their potential prior to graduating to be clear and effective communicators, self-directed life-long learners, creative and practical problem solvers, responsible and involved citizens, collaborative and quality workers, and integrative and informed thinkers.

A school leader must be committed to a positive behavioral intervention and support framework that augments social behavior and academic outcomes. It is imperative that school leaders model a restorative approach to prevent relationship-damaging events. When disciplinary action is necessary, a school leader must be firm yet friendly while displaying actions that are both fair and consistent

A school leader must acknowledge staff members that show leadership qualities and/or are instrumental in the school's success and advancement. A school leader must develop other leaders within the school to ensure growth. They promote school spirit and teamwork among staff and students. School leaders must be student-centered, communicate with families, and reach out to the community. School leaders must ensure that instruction in the school is data-driven. Teachers and support staff are to be treated as professionals and the overall school climate should be one of family

Finally, being a school leader is a privilege that carries many responsibilities. Above all, they must be committed to keeping all learners safe in a rich and meaningful learning environment.